Our department covers the Planning, Development, Implementation and Support of Computing Solutions which can contribute to the UANL Administrative and Academic Processes’ effectiveness.

The activities carried out by the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon Information Technology Department for the university community are composed by these key points: Operation, Services and Projects.

Some Institutional Services are:

Integrated System of Academic Services Administration (Admission, Scholar, Finances, Human Resources); 54 Schools, 1,400 administrative users, 125,000 students and 7,000 professors -online- (carried out in the UANL), where the Student Records Department of each institutional school provides a log in username and password.

Teaching-Learning Platform, makes the collaboration easier between students and professors by creating, publishing and sharing online courses to 37 Schools, 42,500 students, 2,500 professors, 2,000 courses, support in On site, Blended and Distance learning (carried out in the UANL). In order to access to this platform it is necessary a SIASE account.

Integrated System of Libraries Administration, Cataloguing, Circulation, Acquisition, Internet  provided to 54 Schools, 76 Libraries, 300 administrative users, 125,000 students -online- (carried out in the UANL).

Email Service and Collaboration with 125,000 students and 7,000 professors through @uanl.edu.mx which allows the team work and effective communication through a secure and effective tool that strengthen the students and professors’ University identity, where the same SIASE username and password will be used.

Institutional Labor Exchange where more than 2,500 Enterprises publish their work offers and more than 20,000 enrolled students are participating to get those positions (carried out in the UANL).

Wireless, services implementation of wireless access for students and professors that walk around the three campuses -Ciudad Universitaria, Salud and Mederos- with mobile equipment, having net access with SIASE username and password.

Other services: Videoconference, Telephone, Internet 2, Courses, Seminars and Diploma Courses.

If any of these services fails, go to the person in charge of Computing of your school, he must contact the DGI to solve the failure.

Requirement for a Service Provision

An official letter must be sent to the DGI Director and/or call the Institutional Center for Information Technology Attention (CIATI, Spanish acronym) to ask for a service report in which information and requirements are described. You can call 13-40-4343 or Ext 4300 or Email ciati@uanl.mx

Services offered by the DGI are only for the UANL administrative personnel, and if the services are for the professors from Schools and High schools, they will be carried out through the people in charge of Computing where the user must contact the DGI through the said mains.

Services Related to the Training Center for Information Technology (CETI, Spanish acronym)

You can contact it through the information desk, calling to 81 29 40 76 and visiting http://ceti.uanl.mx/

Relation with Other Institutional Buildings

This Department gives its services to the Rectorate Building, UANL High schools and Schools as well as Outside Institutions and those incorporated to the UANL, as well as Associations and Corporations among other Universities.