The Subdepartment of Projects and Services has five departments, which most highlighting activities are: meet the requirements requested by a user that involves carrying out an alternatives evaluation and development of new institutional projects.

The Subdepartment of Computing and Software has seven departments; it carries out activities such as the creation of database as well as offering technical support as Internet services.

The Subdepartment of Academic Systems has five departments; among its activities to carry out are the development and academic systems support, management of the Nexus platform and WEB Technology Systems, maintenance and operation for the UANL web page.

The Subdepartment of Telecommunications has seven departments and they are in charge of providing telephone net, videoconference service, data net, electrical systems and links.

The Subdepartment of Administrative Systems has five departments; it carries out some activities such as the management of the Integral System for Service Management (SIASE, Spanish acronym).

The Academic Center for Information Technology (CETI, Spanish acronym) is in charge of planning and teaching courses, seminars and diploma courses for university community, enterprises and all people.

And the Administrative Department is in charge of the administration of Information Technology Department‘s (DGI, Spanish abbreviation) resources.